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Cisco Catalyst 5500 Series Switches

The Cisco Catalyst 5500 series switch offers a high-end modular switching platform that provides the scalability, flexibility, and redundancy required for building large, switched intranets. The Cisco Catalyst 5500 series switch can be used in both high-density wiring closet and backbone applications, with support for up to 528 user ports.

Cisco Catalyst 5500 series switches have 13 slots, a Gigabit Ethernet-ready architecture that scales to more than 50 Gbps and throughput of tens of millions of packets or cells per second (pps).

All Cisco Catalyst 5500 series switches are offered at discounts of 50-85% off of manufacturer list prices, are backed by a 7-day right of return policy, and come with one of Paragon's standard limited warranty programs.

 21 Cisco Catalyst 5500 Series Switch Hardware
Product Name Description Select
Cisco WS-C5500  C5500 13-Slot Chassis w / Single Power...
Cisco WS-C5505  Catalyst 5K, 5-Slot Chassis w / PS
Cisco WS-C5505-FAN  WSC5505 fan tray
Cisco WS-C5507  Catalyst 5K, 7-Slot Chassis w/ C5508 Pow...
Cisco WS-C5508  C5500 AC Power Supply, requires special...
Cisco WS-C5509  Catalyst 9-Slot Chassis w / PS
Cisco WS-C5518  Catalyst C5509 AC Power Supply
Cisco WS-C5568  Catalyst C5500 DC Power Supply
Cisco WS-X5505  Catalyst 5K, Supervisry II Module, SMF
Cisco WS-X5506  Catalyst 5K, Supervisory II Module, FX...
Cisco WS-X5509  Catalyst 5K, Supervisory II Module, TX
Cisco WS-X5530-E1  Catalyst 5K, Supervisory wo/ NFFC
Cisco WS-X5530-E1A  Catalyst 5K, Supervisory w/ NFFC-A
Cisco WS-X5530-E2  Catalyst 5K, Supervisory w/ NFFC
Cisco WS-X5530-E2A  Catalyst 5K, Supervisory, w/ NFFC-A
Cisco WS-X5530-E3  Catalyst 5K, Supervisory w/ NFFC II
Cisco WS-X5530-E3A  Catalyst 5K, Supervisory w / NFFC IIA
Cisco WS-X5534-E1-GESX  Catalyst 5K, Supervisory III FSX Process...
Cisco WS-X5536-E1-GEL  Catalyst 5K, Supervisory III FLX Process...
Cisco WS-X5540  Catalyst 5K, Supervisory IIG Processor...
Cisco WS-X5550  Catalyst 5K, Supervisory IIIG Processor...

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