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Nortel OPTera Optical Long Haul 1600 Series

The Nortel OPTera Long Haul 1600, now known as the Optical Long Haul 1600, is an open, multiservice photonic system that transports Ethernet and 2.5G/10G wavelength-based services over regional and long haul distances with high reliability and performance. The OPTera Long Haul 1600 extends the capacity advantages and fiber savings of dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology to provide open connectivity of wavelength services for a wide range of applications, from IP and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) to multi-vendor synchronous optical network (SONET) and synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) equipment.

Nortel Networks OPTera Long Haul 1600 offers optical add/drop multiplexing (OADM) to enable the add/drop of local traffic without terminating express optical channels. This flexible design scheme provides loss-free insertion of the OADM and high-capacity drop, allowing the network to grow seamlessly in response to increased volumes and changing traffic patterns.

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