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Paragon offers a wide selection of used networking hardware including network switches, modules, routers, GBICs, and optical networking equipment from Brocade, Force10 and more, all priced at 50% to 85% off list pricing and backed by a 7-day right of return policy.

Every piece of Brocade, Force10 or other networking equipment we sell undergoes an extensive inspection and testing process we call Paragon Next2New recertification. This allows us to stand behind these products by providing our end-user customers with up to a 1-Year Warranty.

Explore the links below to search for top-selling networking products from manufacturers such as Avaya, HP Procurve, Redback Networks, and others.

Other Network Equipment Manufacturers:

Here's a link to our most popular network manufacturers. >> Network Hardware Manufacturers.

Be sure to check out our extensive inventory of routers, switches, GBICs, interface modules, chassis, power supplies and other accessories from our top networking equipment manufacturers including 3Com, Alcatel, Cisco, Extreme Networks, Foundry Networks, Juniper Networks & Nortel Networks.