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StoneFly - iSCSI Storage, IP SAN, Server Virtualization

Paragon offers a wide selection of Stonefly Inc's innovative IP SAN, Cloud computing solutions and server virtualization services.

StoneFly's IP San Products

StoneFly Voyager Series - Voyager IP SANs have active/active redundant Storage Controllers and suited for enterprise environments that availability and 24x7 operation is needed.

StoneFly ISC Series - Storage Concentrators (ISC-6GS) Series are Single Storage Controller IP SANs that are best suited where simplicity, cost, and ease of deployment are paramount.

StoneFly's Unified Products

StoneFly USO Series - Unified Scale Out (iSCSI+NAS) Storage products revolutionizes the storage industry by introducing a fully featured NAS, and IP SAN with unprecedented scalability and performance for high-demand enterprise environments.

StoneFly USS Series - Consolidate your datacenter into one redundant and highly available appliance. The Unified Storage & Server appliances are an ideal solution to consolidate all your Server and Storage systems into one easy to manage appliance.

Stonefly's Software Products

StoneFly SCVM Solution - Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine (SCVM) is a virtual IP storage platform for VMWare and environments that provides an advanced, fully featured iSCSI SAN+NAS within a Virtual Machine.

StoneFly Windows ESS - Windows Enterprise Storage Services (ESS) is a virtual IP storage platform for Windows Hyper-V environments that provides an advanced, fully featured iSCSI SAN/Storage within a Virtual Machine.

StoneFly StoneFusion OS - The award-winning StoneFusion Network Storage Platform (NSP), StoneFly's patented storage networking operating system architecture, brings in block level storage intelligence to the IP network core, StoneFly's IP SANs deliver all the benefits of managed SANs: increased storage utilization through resource consolidation, storage provisioning, centralized access control, volume management, and advanced storage services including Active/Active clustering, mirroring, replication, encryption, snapshots, and Thin Provisioning.