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Used 3Com Gateways, Communication & Terminal Servers

Paragon carries a wide selection of quality used 3Com gateways from the entire line of 3Com Products. We also carry an extensive line of 3Com modules and 3Com accessories from the major series of 3Com routers and 3Com switches.

All used 3Com gateways are offered at discounts of 50-85% off of manufacturer list prices, are backed by a 30-day return policy, and come with one of Paragon's standard limited warranty programs, including our Standard 1-Year Limited Warranty to domestic end-users.

 12 Used 3Com Gateways
Product Name Description Select
3Com 3C16120  SuperStack 3 Server Load Balancer, 16k...
3Com 3C5411  CS/2600 Comm Server 10-Port w / Floppy
3Com 3C5415  CS/2500 Comm Server 10-Port wo/Floppy
3Com 3C5416  CS/3100/3000 16-Port RS232 Serial Module
3Com 3C5445  CS3000 Communication Server without Flop...
3Com 3C5446  CS/3000 Term Server 48-Port wo/ Floppy
3Com 3C5447  CS/3000 Term Server 48-Port w/ Floppy
3Com 3C5448  CS/3100 Term Server 48-Port wo/ Floppy
3Com 3C75800A  AccessBuilder 5800, 48-Port Token Ring...
3Com 3C8200C  200 Bridge
3Com 3C8951  WAN Extender 2T1
3Com 3C8952  WAN Extender 2E1

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