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Used Extreme Accessories - Fan Trays, Redundant Power Supplies

Paragon carries a wide selection of quality used Extreme accessories including Extreme Networks cables, fan trays, power supplies and more.

All used Extreme accessories are offered at discounts of 50-85% off of manufacturer list prices, backed by a 30-day return policy and come with one of Paragon's standard limited warranty programs, including our Standard 1-Year Limited Warranty to domestic end-users.

 34 Used Extreme Networks Accessories
Product Name Description Select
Extreme Networks 50010  BlackDiamond 6800, 220VAC Twist Lock Pow...
Extreme Networks 50012  BlackDiamond 6800 AC Power Supply
Extreme Networks 50013  BlackDiamond 6800 Fan Tray, Spare
Extreme Networks 50020  BlackDiamond 6800 AC 110VAC Power Supply
Extreme Networks 50021-EX  BlackDiamond 6800 iPower Supply
Extreme Networks 50022  BlackDiamond 6800 -48VDC Power Supply
Extreme Networks 50022-DC  BlackDiamond 6800 48VDC Power
Extreme Networks 10014  Mode Conditioning Patch (MCP) Cord, 3 me...
Extreme Networks 10015  Mode Conditioning Patch (MCP) Cord, 3 me...
Extreme Networks 10901  Summit Redundant Power Supply, Support...
Extreme Networks 10911  EPS-500, External Power Supply Unit 500...
Extreme Networks 10912  EPS-C, External Power Supply Unit, Accep...
Extreme Networks 10913  EPS-600LS, External Power System Power...
Extreme Networks 11705  Summit 7i, Spare AC Power Supply for 7i
Extreme Networks 15411  Summit300-48 Spare/Redundant 400W AC Pow...
Extreme Networks 15412  Summit 300-48 Spare 600W PSU
Extreme Networks 15603  Summit48si AC Power Supply
Extreme Networks 41050  BlackDiamond 8806 600W / 900W Power Supp...
Extreme Networks 41111  Aspen 8810 Spare Fan Tray
Extreme Networks 41151  BlackDiamond 8800 Cable Management Clip...
Extreme Networks 45012  Alpine 3800 AC Power Supply
Extreme Networks 45013  Alpine 3800 Fan Tray (spare)
Extreme Networks 45015  Alpine 3804 Fan Tray (Spare)
Extreme Networks 45022  Alpine 3800 DC Power Supply
Extreme Networks 50053  BlackDiamond 6804 Fan Tray
Extreme Networks 53013  BlackDiamond 6816 Spare FanTray
Extreme Networks 60012  BlackDiamond 10k Spare Fan Tray
Extreme Networks 60020  BlackDiamond 10k 700W1200W 100-240V PSU
Extreme Networks 60021  BlackDiamond 10K/8800 1200w 48V DC PSU
Extreme Networks 62020  BlackDiamond 6808/10808 Cable Management
Extreme Networks 65021  BlackDiamond 12802 325W 100 240V AC PSU
Extreme Networks 65022  BlackDiamond 12802 325W 48V DC PSU
Extreme Networks 65023  BlackDiamond 12802 Spare Fan Tray
Extreme Networks 65043  BlackDiamond 8806 Fan Tray

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