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Paragon offers a wide selection of used Juniper routers, pic modules, switches, and other networking equipment from Juniper Networks, all priced at 50% to 85% off list pricing and backed by a 30-day return policy.

Every piece of used Juniper Networks equipment we sell undergoes an extensive inspection and testing process we call Paragon Next2New recertification. This allows us to stand behind our Juniper hardware products by providing our end-user customers with up to a 1-Year Warranty.

Explore the links below to search for top-selling Juniper networking products such as Backbone routers, SONET modules, and more.

Used Juniper Networks - Product Lines:

Looking for something in addition to used Juniper Networks today? Make sure you browse our extensive inventory of networking routers, switches, GBICs, interface modules, chassis, power supplies and other hardware accessories from the other leading networking equipment manufacturers includin 3Com, Cisco, Extreme Networks, Foundry Networks, Nortel Networks and more.

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